A pensioner who raped a little girl 60 times will be sentenced to death.


A pensioner who raped a little girl 60 times will be sentenced to death.

A terminally ill senior who raped a little girl on a “monthly” basis was warned today that he will most likely die in prison.

Several decades ago, James Knowles, 78, committed “depraved sexual actions” on a “very young child.”

She first reported the incident to the police in the 1990s, but was told that “there was nothing they could do because it happened years before.”

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However, the victim summoned the resolve to come forward again in 2018, resulting in her abuser being sentenced to 25 years in prison today.

“Your horrible past has finally caught up with you,” Judge David Aubrey, QC told Knowles, adding, “You are certain to die in prison.”

Knowles, of Amber Way, West Derby, allegedly molested the child while she was between the ages of five and ten, according to Liverpool Crown Court.

He denied any involvement, but was convicted guilty of six charges of rape and three counts of indecent assault during a trial last week.

Because of his ill health, Knowles was allowed to give testimony from home via video link, but today he sat in a wheelchair in the court’s well, just yards away from his brave victim.

The paedophile, who had never been convicted before, said she was lying and continues to maintain his innocence.

However, prosecutor Keith Sutton told the jury that Knowles admitted to his family that he “messed around” with and “did some horrible things” to the victim before claiming that he was mentally “ill” at the time.

He raped her “monthly,” according to the victim, and each count of rape stipulated “on no less than 10 occasions.”

Knowles would now be jailed for rapping her “on no less than 60 occasions,” according to Judge Aubrey.

“It can only and correctly be described as a persistent campaign of rape against a particularly vulnerable child,” he said.

The woman read from a victim statement today, in which she described the abuse’s horrible impact, how she spent her childhood “looking over my shoulder,” and how Knowles “did not only rob me of my childhood, but my life.”

Judge Aubrey praised her “courage” and referred her case. “The summary has come to an end.”


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