A pedophile on ecstasy loaded sick pictures onto his mother’s laptop.


Michael Pegg put together a hideous collection containing more than 5,000 indecent pictures of children.

A pedophile downloaded child rape videos to a laptop that he shared with his mother.

When the police confiscated his hard drive, he said, “That’s my naughty stuff on it.

But he was released from court after a judge said he now recognizes that he has a problem and is “open to helping solve the problem.

When he was caught by the police, the pervert accused his behavior of having used “a lot of cannabis and ecstasy”.

The 44-year-old transferred the files to a hard disk so that his mother would not find out about it, and then saw them on his TV.

A search was conducted and electrical items were confiscated, including a laptop from one room and a hard drive from another.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard officers search the home of Pegg and his mother on Hall Street, Southport, on July 4 last year.

Fiona McNeill, prosecutor, said police told Pegg that they were investigating that his internet address had been used to download indecent images and asked if he knew anything about it before he was warned and arrested.

The court heard that Pegg was taken to hospital before his questioning because of concerns about his mental health.

Ms. McNeill said, “When the police took the hard drive, the defendant said, ‘That’s my naughty stuff on it.

Police experts found eight Category A – the most serious category – still images and videos of children raped on his equipment, including one showing a girl between six and eight years old.

There were 214 Category B images, 5,309 Category C images and a total of 5,531 indecent images of children.

When questioned, Pegg accepted to comment to the police and said he had downloaded the files from torrent sites.

Pegg said he had some files stored on his hard drive and would then plug them into his TV to watch them.

Ms. McNeill said he admitted to having downloaded the files over a period of four to five years and said he would then delete them “because he knew it was wrong”.

She said, “He said he did not know how he had taken an interest in this material and said he was disgusted with himself.

“He said he made sure the images were transferred so that his mother would not see them on the laptop she was also using.

Ms. McNeill said he admitted that there were “quite a few” indecent pictures of children of different ages.


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