A paving block was thrown through the bus window from the bridge, barely feet away from the driver.


A paving block was thrown through the bus window from the bridge, barely feet away from the driver.

After a paving stone was hurled through the bus driver’s windscreen while he was travelling, he was left “shaken.”

The concrete slab was thrown from a bridge on Belle Vale Road into the Huyton Travel 174 HTL bus, according to the driver.

Thankfully, the motorist was unharmed during the incident on Monday, July 12, but an HTL representative claimed things could have turned out very differently if the slab had been flung just ‘two feet the other way.’

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“There were no injuries, but the driver was obviously shaken up,” an HTL buses representative told the ECHO. “Two feet the other way and it could have been considerably different, the slab was pushed off the bridge on Belle Vale Road.”

“There is a sidewalk that connects to Lydiate Rd, which is where the Arriva incident took place.

“The bus has significant damage, which will cost our company more than £2000 to repair.”

Three male juveniles were reported throwing bricks at motorists from a Lydiate Lane bridge the same night.

Another bus, the Arriva 76, was smashed up, and the driver was unharmed but “shaken” by the incident.

The incidents, which police suspect are linked, have prompted an appeal for information.

Investigations are ongoing, and patrols in the region have been increased in order to locate individuals responsible.

“This kind of reckless behavior can have very significant consequences,” said Community Inspector Peter Rexwinkel, “and it is quite fortunate that no one was injured on this occasion.”

“I want to reassure the community that we are doing everything we can to uncover those who are guilty for these heinous acts. We’ve met with bus operators and the council, and we’re collaborating with them to avoid such instances from happening again.

“We have a specialized policing operation, Operation Stockholm, that is focused on the loopline, with officers patrolling on foot, bikes, and quad bikes, especially in places where the public reports difficulties.

“In the coming days, you will notice an enhanced police presence on the loopline as we strive to identify individuals responsible and assure safety. The summary comes to a close.


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