A one-man crime wave hit nine houses one night a week after leaving prison.


James Sanders was released in March, and after only seven days of freedom, he broke into the homes of his victims in the middle of the night.

A one-man crime wave hit nine houses in one night only a week after his release from prison.

James Sanders was videotaped on one of his victim’s properties when he tried to remove the camera from the wall.

Six burglaries were committed in Eastham and another in Bromborough.

In one burglary he was caught on camera trying to remove the surveillance device from one of the victim’s properties.

The 34-year-old, who has no fixed address but is from Wirral, broke into Wirral’s homes in the early hours of Tuesday 24 March.

At the beginning of October he was found guilty in all the cases and was sentenced today at Liverpool Crown Court to six years in prison.

He then attempted to break into another property in Rock Ferry and one in Prenton.

A day later he was arrested based on the surveillance pictures.

“James Sanders, 34, from Liverpool was sentenced today to 6 years behind bars after being found guilty of burglary in nine cases.

Following the conviction, a spokesman for Merseyside Police said: “Officials from our specialist burglary team, Op Castle, today (16 October) welcomed the conviction of a 34-year-old man who committed nine burglaries into the Wirral in one night earlier this year.

“Sanders set out on his burglary tour in the early hours of Tuesday 24 March this year, having been released from prison just a week earlier.

said Detective Inspector Steve Ball. “Only through video surveillance could Sanders be identified when he tried to remove the camera from one of the victim’s homes!

“Sanders committed seven burglaries and two attempted burglaries, six in Eastham, one in Bromborough, one in Rock Ferry and one in Prenton. After being identified through video surveillance and forensic investigation, he was arrested on March 25 and found guilty on all counts earlier this month.

DI Ball added: “At the time of these break-ins, the public was already concerned about the Corona virus, and the added threat that someone would break into your home and steal your property or would actually break in, only multiplied the fear and anger the residents of the Wirral must have felt many times over.

“I am pleased that Sanders was quickly arrested and, thanks to a thorough investigation, could be brought to trial today.


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