A new diagnostic test could help lung cancer patients live longer.


A new diagnostic test could help lung cancer patients live longer.

A new test is being tested in the hopes of improving lung cancer early detection and hence increasing patients’ chances of survival.

During the following three years, 10,000 people in Hampshire and Yorkshire will be encouraged to take the new iDx Lung diagnostic tests.

“We know that lung cancer may be successfully treated if caught early,” said Peter Johnson, a professor of medical oncology at the University of Southampton. “However, too often it goes unreported and is then discovered at a late stage, when treatment options are more limited.

“We intend to identify better techniques to diagnose lung cancer in its early stages and ensure people have the best chance of a cure by applying some of the most cutting-edge molecular technology to this problem.”

Those at high risk of lung cancer will be offered a CT scan as well as a nose swab and blood sample for the test, which will be administered by the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Southampton and the University of Leeds.

“These samples will be evaluated for changes that could suggest the early stages of cancer developing,” Victoria Goss, programme manager for iDx lung at the Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, stated.

“The goal is to see if employing simple biological tests in conjunction with the Targeted Lung Health Check program might assist enhance detection rates in people who have early indicators of lung cancer, so they can start treatment sooner and have a better chance of success.”

“At my age, I feel that being a part of research is a positive thing,” said Brian Gray, 72, of Southampton, who was one of the first to participate. If something in my body can aid someone else, then that’s fantastic.”

Every year, 25,000 people in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with advanced, incurable lung cancer, making it the leading cause of cancer death in the country and around the world.

The NHS is testing CT scanning screening, and it is hoped that the iDx Lung trial will not. (This is a brief piece.)


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