A mother and daughter who were separated at Auschwitz were reunited in person for the first time.


A mother and daughter who were separated at Auschwitz were reunited in person for the first time.

A family that was torn apart heartbreakingly 75 years ago at the infamous Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz has now been reunited face to face in the United States.

According to WKYC, an NBC-affiliated television station in Cleveland, Dena Morris and Jean Gerhart were reunited in person with their niece Clare Reay in Louisville, Ohio, earlier this month, after their family had a devastating separation during World War II.

Dena and Jean’s mother, Dora, and Clare’s mother, Eva, were caught in Poland and brought to Auschwitz concentration camp, where they were separated.

Dora immigrated to the United States when Auschwitz was liberated, settling in Canton, Ohio, with her husband, Dena, and Jean.

Eva, on the other hand, was never reunited with her birth family and was eventually adopted and raised in the United Kingdom.

Dora returned to Europe several times, looking for her daughter in orphanages, but she never found her and died of cancer in 1996.

“This was before the computer age.” So until Jean and I were older, we were at a loss as to how we might help find her,” Dena said in a network report.

Following their mother’s death, Dena and Jean resolved to keep looking for Eva for her sake, and they eventually went to an internet genealogical site to do so.

“We struck a couple brick walls and were unhappy,” Dena said in the piece. “From there, it was up and down.” “Until we came across myheritage.com.” Thankfully, a DNA match was discovered in England, although it was with Eva’s daughter rather than their sister, who had died.

The aunts were reunited with their niece through Zoom on the Today program in June of last year, but were unable to meet each other in person owing to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Clare ultimately flew from England to the United States earlier this month, and after 33 hours of travel, she was reunited with her long-lost relatives.

Clare showed there unexpectedly and was greeted by her two aunts, whom she had been eager to meet since learning of their existence.

“How did you end up here?” In the broadcast part, Dena said.

“I felt I was seeing things,” Jean continued. It’s surreal for me right now. It can’t possibly be true, yet it is. And it only sort sorta works. This is a condensed version of the information.


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