A millionaire player wins £125,000 after a “amazing” comeback.


A millionaire player wins £125,000 after a “amazing” comeback.

After a “amazing” comeback, a millionaire player wins £125,000.

Fans and host Jeremy Clarkson were stunned tonight when a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant walked away with £125,000.

Many people underestimated Connor Kim because he mistaken Keith Chegwin for a member of the Rolling Stones and used his lifelines on early questions.

But he moved on fast, answering the £250,000 question with a succession of good guesses.

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“This is excellent, this is great, I’m honestly delighted for you,” Jeremy remarked, adding that he never anticipated Connor to make it this far.

The question involved science and various compounds, and after weighing his alternatives, Connor decided to take the £125,000 he had been offered.

Jeremy said, “That’s fine.” I can’t say I blame you; you’ve left an unforgettable effect on me, and I’m thrilled that you’re going with £125,000.”

Connor’s act was lauded by onlookers at home, who congratulated him immediately.

Lorraine exclaimed, “Amazing amount of money.” Connor, you did a fantastic job. It’s been a delight to watch you.”

Another person said, “Flipping hell, well done Connor, this has been wonderful.”

Joshua Jones wrote, “Gotta be one of the most entertaining contestants I’ve ever witnessed on #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire!” I can’t believe he got away with £125,000 after using two lifelines in a row on the first two questions! Unbelievable!”

“Contestant on #whowantstobeamillionaire; -Uses two lifelines on the first two questions -Wins £125,000 Invaluable television…” Logan clarified.

Andrew Beeres commented, “That was one of the best comebacks in television history, I don’t think even he can believe it.”


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