A massive crocodile devours the body of a man who has been missing for three days.


A massive crocodile devours the body of a man who has been missing for three days.

A massive crocodile was spotted consuming the body of a man who had been missing for three days in India on Tuesday.

Sukhdev Debu, a resident of Uttarakhand’s northern state, was recognized as the victim. According to the Hindustan Times, an officer in the Surai forest range stated it’s unknown whether the victim was killed by the crocodile or if the reptile ate the body after it was murdered and dumped at the spot.

A man from Raghuliya village had gone to the area to shoo away some monkeys when he noticed the crocodile eating the body.

“When he arrived to his farm, he witnessed a crocodile devouring a human near a pond. He alerted the other villagers, and a mob gathered at the scene. According to the Hindustan Times, village head Gurmej Singh contacted police and forest officials about the occurrence. “A Surai forest range team raced to the scene and discovered the crocodile devouring the dead body,” Kundan Kumar, divisional forest officer of Terai East Forest division, stated.

The remains of the man’s body were submitted for an autopsy by forest and police officials to identify the exact cause of death.

Kumar claimed Debu was last seen three days ago walking in the fields near Khakra pond in the Surai forest range. He did not, however, come home after that.

According to Rajya Sameekhsha, the senior forest official stated, “Prima facie, it appears like he was killed by the crocodile, but the true cause of death would be revealed until the post-mortem report is received.” [According to Google Translate]

Crocodiles can be found in the Corbett landscape, the Terai area, some portions of the Haridwar forest division, and the Rajaji National Park scene.

A big crocodile attacked and murdered a livestock herder when he was standing along the banks of a river in Gujarat last month. Ramji Rabari, 52, was grazing his livestock alongside the river when the crocodile pounced on him. Rajubhai Rabari, a villager, arrived on the scene and attempted to save him, but was unsuccessful.


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