A man who grew up on Breck Road is now in charge of some of the city’s most recognizable structures.


A man who grew up on Breck Road is now in charge of some of the city’s most recognizable structures.

A man who grew up in Tuebrook and Anfield now oversees some of Liverpool’s most well-known sites.

The city council has taken steps to protect Liverpool’s image as a top tourist destination and to promote the city’s extensive historic assets.

Alan Smith was named Head of Cultural Preservation and Development this week, and would “serve as a champion for the city’s heritage sector.”

A £20 million ‘masterplan’ for the Kirkby golf course has been published, with 200 jobs expected to be created.

The 59-year-old, who grew up in the Breck Road and Tuebrook areas, said he was “overjoyed.”

Despite the recent loss of UNESCO classification, the council claims that Liverpool’s former World Heritage site “has never been in better condition,” with more than £1 billion invested in historic structures over the past 15 years.

According to data provided by the local government, the city’s hotel sector had its two busiest months since the Covid epidemic began in July and August.

Mr Smith’s mandate is to “promote the preservation, conservation, improvement, and enhancement of all of the council’s heritage assets and historic parks,” as he was previously in charge of the Grade I listed St George’s Hall since November 2007.

He’ll be primarily responsible for St George’s Hall, Liverpool Town Hall, and Croxteth Hall.

Mr Smith will also be in charge of directing a team that will develop a new arts strategy for the city’s collections, a new fundraising plan, and a schedule of events, engagement, and education to exhibit and celebrate the city’s past to audiences of all ages.

With a degree in geography and a master’s in tourism and leisure administration, the former Liverpool University student will also be appointed as the city’s official historian.

“I’m overjoyed to have been awarded this role,” he remarked. Having had the absolute pleasure and honor of managing St George’s Hall for the past decade, I’ve seen and heard firsthand what history means to the people of Liverpool and visitors from all over the world.

“In every facet of the arts, and its collection, Liverpool is one of the most attractive and culturally rich cities in Europe.”

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