A man has been charged with brutally mutilating, torturing, and killing a kidnap victim.


A man has been charged with brutally mutilating, torturing, and killing a kidnap victim.

A 21-year-old man has been charged with kidnapping, severely torturing, mutilating, and murdering a man earlier this year.

The suspect, Thomas Bovaird of Elmira, was indicted on various charges for fatally torturing Juan Jose Gotay by a Chemung County Grand Jury. At the end of January, he allegedly abducted the victim with the help of his unknown colleagues.

Bovaird was also charged with shooting Gotay in the shoulder and left leg, as well as repeatedly kicking him. According to prosecution records, he allegedly cut off the victim’s tongue, burned his ears and buttocks, and disfigured his eyes before abandoning him in a rural section of Pennsylvania.

The accused was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping, two counts of first-degree assault, and two counts of assault in the second degree.

In April, Gotay’s body was discovered in Ulysses Township, Pennsylvania. When the victim was abandoned beyond state lines, he was bound with an electrical cord, according to the indictment documents.

The actual relationship between Bovaird and the victim, as well as the likely motive for the heinous murder, have yet to be uncovered by authorities. When Gotay was taken to Pennsylvania, it is still unknown if he was already dead or how long he had been motionless.

Two properties on Patridge Street and West Avenue in Elmira were the subject of a police investigation in May, according to reports. Neighbors claim they observed cops digging in the backyard and removing a bag from the West Avenue home. The owners of these residences are unknown at this time, but they appear to be connected to the case, according to a story in the New York Post.

The remains of an Arkansas mother who had been reported missing was discovered weighted down in a pond earlier this month. On July 29, investigators discovered the body of Tara Strozier, 40, in a pond near Rock Island, in LeFlore County. Three suspects, Alex Nathaniel Davis, Austin Johnson, and Kaelin Hutchinson, were detained. The suspects were charged with murder and kidnapping in the first degree. Investigators suspect Strozier was tortured before being murdered in an unoccupied mobile home near Cameron.


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