A Louisiana State Trooper accused of police brutality has been informed that he will be fired in 45 days.


A Louisiana State Trooper accused of police brutality has been informed that he will be fired in 45 days.

Within the next 45 days, a Louisiana state trooper who accused his agency of police brutality and bigotry will be fired.

State Police Superintendent Lamar Davis informed Carl Cavalier, 33, on Wednesday that he will be fired for violating department protocol for speaking out about Ronald Greene’s death following a rough arrest by troopers in 2019.

Greene died of injuries incurred in a car collision after a high-speed chase, according to Louisiana troopers. The 49-year-old died of “cocaine-induced agitated delirium worsened by motor vehicle collision, physical fight, inflicted head damage, and restraint,” according to an autopsy. Cavalier expressed his disappointment with the body camera film leaking to the media, which resulted to disciplinary action being taken against the Louisiana troopers involved in Greene’s death, to WWL-TV, WBRZ-TV, and WBOK-AM.

“”There are killers, and there are individuals who are OK with the killers being on the job,” Cavalier stated in his WWL-TV interview. And that’s only the folks involved in the cover-up.” Cavalier said, “I considered it a murder.” “Why would we hesitate to be open about it if we didn’t have to? Why would we not perform our jobs and hold these people accountable if we didn’t have to? What other reason could there be? What other motive could there be?” On September 30, Cavalier filed a lawsuit against Louisiana State Police. The seven-year veteran accused the department of prejudice based on high-ranking officers’ discretion. Cavalier claims he was treated unfairly after issuing a traffic citation to a Houma police officer in 2018.

Cavalier alleged in the lawsuit that “after giving a ticket to a narcotics officer with the Houma Police Department, Petitioner’s supervisors began subjecting all tickets and reports to greater scrutiny.”

“This includes, but is not limited to, viewing body-worn camera video that is unrelated to use of force, demanding that incident reports be modified and/or rewritten, and getting harsh criticism for small infractions where other LSP commissioned officers were not disciplined,” Cavalier said.

Cavalier was in the midst of a five-week unpaid suspension for writing a book under a pseudonym about the difficulties of being an African-American officer in a racist society when his termination was announced. In addition, he was charged with making public remarks and. This is a condensed version of the information.


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