A large Great White Shark washes up on a beach in New Zealand.


A large Great White Shark washes up on a beach in New Zealand.

A big great white shark was discovered dead on a New Zealand beach.

The shark washed ashore on Omaha Beach, in New Zealand’s North Island, near the top. To ascertain the cause of death, a necropsy will be performed.

Jenny Marcroft, a journalist and former Member of the New Zealand Parliament, posted photos of the shark on Twitter. A close-up of the shark’s mouth and snout is one of the photographs. Another shows more of the shark’s body, while a third displays the complete shark.

The photos were shared on the Mahurangi Matters newspaper’s Facebook page. The deceased has been sent to Massey University for an autopsy, according to the post.

Terrence “Mook” Hohneck, head of the Ngti Manuhiri Settlement Trust, called the shark Mangatawhiri, according to Mahurangi Matters. Omaha’s traditional name is Mangatawhiri.

The body of the shark has been discovered as stretch of the coast off New Zealand’s North Island is becoming a “major hotspot” for great white sharks for “unknown causes,” according to Marine Biologist Riley Elliott.

Elliot told 9news.com.au that he plans to initiate an investigation into the recent spike in white shark sightings in the Bowentown area, and that he is awaiting Department of Conservation authorisation.

“There’s been a tremendous spike in human and great white shark encounters across the Bay of Plenty in the last three years,” he added. “I was able to identify 15 adolescents solely based on images that were supplied to me last summer. Unfortunately, because there are so many people fishing in the area, things don’t always turn out well for the shark.” Elliot believes the shark discovered on Omaha Beach was caught in fishing nets.

Bowentown Boating & Sport Fishing Club member Stu Curd has resided in the region for 20 years. He believes great white sharks are flocking to the area for the fish, according to the New Zealand Herald. “Someone mentioned there was a Great White in the bay five years ago, and I thought to myself, “Oh no, they’re just making stuff up.” The stories about someone catching or sighting a white are now published twice a week “‘I notified the newspaper,’ he said.

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