A jerk dealer sent dozens of messages to a cop offering cocaine.


A jerk dealer sent dozens of messages to a cop offering cocaine.

A drug dealer running a county lines operation texted a police officer’s work phone many messages offering cocaine.

Chris Jopson, 29, sent dozens of texts to PC Uren after inadvertently including his phone number on a list of people to whom he would sell drugs.

PC Uren’s work phone got more than 50 texts selling Class A drugs over the course of nearly two years.

Jopson, of Brooke Close, Southport, and his girlfriend Lucy McTaggart, of Tennyson Avenue, Fylde, were involved in a county lines operation based in Lancashire but selling drugs all throughout Southport before being apprehended in a police sting on the Tarleton Bypass.

Prosecutor Philip Astbury told Liverpool Crown Court that the texts were received from five different cellphone phones between March 2019 and May 2021 and were signed off with either ‘Joppo’ or ‘Lucy Lou.’

PC Uren, a Merseyside Police officer, had a mobile phone whose number was often given out to members of the public, according to Mr Astbury.

“The number was added to a contact list known as a graft list, which was used to send texts offering cocaine for sale from time to time,” he claimed.

“As a result, the officer’s work phone would receive the messages.”

“From December 2020 to December 2021, the officer received 43 communications offering ‘flakes,’ which an expert deduced to indicate high-quality cocaine.”

Another 18 texts were made between December and March 26, with the duo being stopped in a Kia Cee’d on the Tarleton Bypass as they attempted to travel into Southport from Lancashire.

“Ms McTaggart was driving and Mr Jopson was a front seat passenger,” Mr Astbury said.


“They were apprehended and hauled to Copy Lane, where they both gave no-comment interviews. Ms McTaggart read a prepared statement in which she stated that she was not involved in drug dealing.”

The couple were charged with being concerned in offering to deliver cocaine when no drugs were found.

An investigation revealed that a sim card associated with one of the numbers had been topped up in Ormskirk one month. Summary ends.


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