A homeless man claims that a bank helped him get off the streets.


A homeless man claims that a bank helped him get off the streets.

A homeless man from Wirral claims that a bank helped him get off the streets and that his life is now “far brighter.”

Eddie* became homeless in 2019 when his relationship fell apart as a result of his job loss.

The 34-year-old was left homeless and without a source of income; he felt he had nowhere else to turn and began sleeping at a night shelter.

He was there when the pandemic struck, and after a few days, he was provided temporary lodging at a local B&B, but he couldn’t apply for permanent housing because he didn’t have a bank account.

Eddie stated, ” “I didn’t have a bank account, which was one of the prerequisites for getting accepted for accommodation.

“Banks had previously rejected me down because I’d misplaced my ID when I became homeless.

“Following my referral to Wirral Ark, they informed me of the HSBC UK No Fixed Address service and scheduled a meeting with me.

“I was overwhelmed by the bank’s assistance, and things were beginning to look up for me.

“I was offered a one-bedroom flat with a local social housing provider the following week, and I was overjoyed when they asked if I had a bank account because it meant I could proceed with the application.

“Thanks to the backing of the HSBC UK No Fixed Address service, I now have my own home and life is that much brighter,” he continued.

The HSBC UK No Fixed Address service was released in December 2019 and allows customers to open a basic bank account without requiring photo identification or evidence of address.

The Borough Road branch in Birkenhead has just opened its 1000th bank account for people who are homeless or have housing problems.

Wirral Ark’s CEO, Paul Hardman, said: “Homelessness is a complicated issue, and our clients face numerous challenges and exclusions that make establishing a stable future extremely difficult.

“We’ve experienced firsthand the positive impact that HSBC UK’s No Fixed Address service can have when it comes to assisting our clients.

“Our clients would be unable to obtain the benefits they require without our service. The summary comes to a close.


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