A half-dozen lawsuits against COVID restrictions are being led by two Connecticut state legislators.


A half-dozen lawsuits against COVID restrictions are being led by two Connecticut state legislators.

According to the Associated Press, two Republican members of Connecticut’s General Assembly have found a second role in the fight against COVID-19 limits as lawyers and legislators.

Doug Dubitsky and Craig Fishbein, both conservatives, have become a popular choice for groups seeking to challenge Connecticut’s pandemic restrictions, filing more than a half-dozen lawsuits against the state and certain municipalities.

Democrats have criticized their agreement, claiming that legislators should not lead lawsuits against their own state, but ethics officials who evaluated the matter verified that their activities do not violate Connecticut law, according to the Associated Press. Officials stated they are free to work other jobs on the side as long as their membership in the state legislature is only part-time.

House Speaker Matt Ritter, a Democrat from Hartford and a private attorney, said, “It’s simply a strange one to sue the state you represent, that you’re legitimately elected to represent.” “I would not alter the law. As a lawyer and a politician, I personally would not sue the state of Connecticut.” According to the Associated Press, Dubitsky and Fishbein have won procedural and technical triumphs in COVID-related challenges, but they have yet to succeed in circumventing Governor Ned Lamont’s authority to issue executive orders in a public health emergency like the epidemic.

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When a woman testified before the legislature’s Conservative Caucus last month, she accused Dubitsky of chastising her because she and other parents didn’t “come up with $100,000” to engage his law firm to contest a vaccination mandate for University of Connecticut students.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Dubitsky, who declined to comment on the woman’s accusation, claimed he and Fishbein are doing nothing wrong and are taking on cases that other lawyers would avoid because of political ramifications.

“There are a lot of lawyers out there, but people are afraid of them. Attorneys are frightened. Everyone is afraid to speak anything else, to say the incorrect thing, or to raise their head for fear of being hacked off “he stated “And there aren’t that many of us willing to stand up for what’s right out there.” It’s not uncommon for state legislators to file a lawsuit against their own governor. This is a condensed version of the information.


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