A generous gesture by a Liverpool bar to assist local businesses in regaining their footing


A generous gesture by a Liverpool bar to assist local businesses in regaining their footing

A well-known Liverpool bar is assisting other businesses afflicted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ship & Mitre’s owners informed the Liverpool ECHO that their bar, like many others in the industry, was “struck” financially by the devastating illness.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the hospitality industry, resulting in the permanent closure of a number of small enterprises, restaurants, and other establishments.

On May 17, we completed Step 3 of the government’s exit strategy, which saw restrictions on seeing family and friends loosened and indoor hospitality resumed.

However, the Ship & Mitre, like many other hospitality enterprises, is not yet out of the woods. Now, the venue wants to assist other pubs and brewers who are “all in the same boat.”

“We are known for our assortment of beers,” said co-owner Ben Garner. There are up to 40 draught beers on tap at any given time, as well as hundreds of bottles, featuring beers from all over the world, from Tokyo to Chile, New Zealand to Norway. We take pleasure in offering something for everyone.

“We, like everyone else in the business, have been financially impacted by COVID. Sales have decreased dramatically after the initial two-week rush of reopening and the Bank Holiday.

“From what I’ve heard from other pubs and brewers, everyone is in the same boat.”

Ben and co-owner Steve Dobby are now looking for goods closer to home in order to help local businesses and, ideally, bring revenue back into the city.

“The idea came from our Shipmates Beer Club, where we promote local brews every month, so why not take it a step further?” Ben added.

All of the Ship & Mitre’s real ales and guest craft beers will feature local brews throughout the rest of June.

The team thinks that by launching this project, people would be more likely to visit their local pubs, boosting the local economy.

Manager Joe Danson was faced with the difficult task of selecting the beer choices. “We have a terrific range of local breweries,” he remarked. The summary comes to a close.


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