A gang of young people wielding eggs attacks a police cruiser.


A gang of young people wielding eggs attacks a police cruiser.

In Wirral, a gang of adolescents armed with a carton of eggs ‘attacked’ a police cruiser.

Merseyside Police were at Leasowe, Wirral, this evening (Monday, September 20), when they returned to find their car had been ‘attacked’ with eggs.

Merseyside Police issued a statement on Twitter about the event, promising to pursue all of the juveniles identified by CCTV and body cameras.

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“While seizing a vehicle in Leasowe this evening, a police vehicle was pelted with eggs by a gang of youths,” a police spokesperson stated.

“We will use CCTV and body worn video recordings to identify perpetrators.

“All individuals who have been identified will be prosecuted, and ASB in Leasowe will be dealt with harshly.”

The police were called to the scene when a member of the public reported an off-road bike causing traffic problems on Twickenham Drive.

They discovered the bike and the 14-year-old rider once they arrived in the vicinity.

Officers confiscated the bike and apprehended the 14-year-old.

“Anti-social car use is a concern for us in this area,” a spokeswoman stated.


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