A firefighter saves a stranded kitten and adopts it weeks later, saying they had a “very special bond.”


A firefighter saves a stranded kitten and adopts it weeks later, saying they had a “very special bond.”

Just weeks after saving it from a storm drain in the middle of the night, a Michigan firefighter has happily adopted a stray kitten.

Brandon Mulvaney is a member of the Saginaw Fire Department, which was dispatched in August to rescue the stray, now known as Huntley, after residents heard wailing coming from the drain.

After the kitten came right to him during the rescue, the brave firefighter said he knew he wanted it to be the newest member of his family. With Mulvaney, his wife, their four children, and their dog, Huntley is settling into his new house.

At 1:00 a.m. in August, Saginaw police responded to reports of a stray kitten stranded in a storm drain, with the remark “Caller can hear it sobbing.”

“Officers could hear but not see the kitten,” said Bonnie Kanicki, director of Saginaw County Animal Care and Control, who brought the kitten in following the rescue. “Because we don’t have the resources or training to crawl inside the drains, the Saginaw Fire Department was called in to help.” Mulvaney happened to be on duty that night when they got the call. He told The Washington Newsday, “Upon arrival, we were able to figure out that there was a very young cat trapped below ground, dashing, running back and forth between a major drain and a curb style storm drain.”

“After devising a strategy for removing the kitten, our engineer proposed crawling down under the access manhole cover, only to uncover another smaller pipe in which the kitten was running,” Mulvaney explained.

With the use of a gas monitor and a net, the firefighter dived about 7 feet below the surface before crawling for about 10 feet through a pipe until he found the smaller conduit Huntley was trapped in.

“It peeked out of the pipe after a few minutes of waiting and calling from the cat, and I grabbed it and carried it out. I knew I wanted the kitten right then because it came to me “Mulvaney stated.

The firefighter said he knew right away what he would name the kitten—Huntley, after the Huntley and crossroads where he was discovered. This is a condensed version of the information.


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