A fight breaks out near a McDonald’s in the city center, causing chaos.


A fight breaks out near a McDonald’s in the city center, causing chaos.

In broad daylight, a massive brawl erupted in the heart of the city.

At roughly 1.45 p.m. today, video was taken of the hectic circumstances on Lord Street near the McDonald’s.

A large crowd of people gathers around the video’s commencement, and someone in a green coat can be seen on the floor.

After a £100,000 court case, anyone with a Ring doorbell camera could face sanctions.

As the brawl continues, a lot of individuals flee.

Before getting up, a man with a walking stick falls over on the floor.

The person with the green coat rises from his or her seat and flees the conflict.

Bystanders can be heard shouting and screaming as they attempt to break up the fight.

Someone falls to the ground near a blue bin in one scene, and two men approach him.

One of the men, clothed in a black coat and shorts, is heard yelling “f****** come on then” and pushing him.

As bystanders look on in disbelief, he and the other man in all black appear to try to grab the individual on the floor close to the blue garbage.

As she approached the gathering, a woman in a red coat can be heard saying “stop it, enough.”

Others yell “enough,” and one of the men is seen grabbing the individual on the ground by the shoulders.

As other people speak to them, the woman in red appears to say something to them, and the man then lets go of the person on the floor.

She can be heard shouting “grow up” at the end of the video as the person sitting on the floor gets up and walks away.

Merseyside Police have been contacted for comment, and it is unknown whether anyone has been wounded.


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