A father is accused of stuffing a 4-month-old baby into a clothes dryer and turning it on.


A father is accused of stuffing a 4-month-old baby into a clothes dryer and turning it on.

According to Manchester police, a New Hampshire man was arrested on Sunday for allegedly shoving his 4-month-old daughter into a clothes dryer and setting it on.

Michael Higgins, 34, was charged with criminal threatening, reckless behavior, and endangering the welfare of a child. After receiving reports of a domestic altercation, police arrived at a home on Kimball Street on Sunday to find a man and woman shouting. There was no evidence of any violent altercations at the location, according to the cops.

“However, during the previous week, on September 8, the woman did reveal to officers…

Higgins had “put their infant daughter in the clothes dryer and switched it on,” according to a statement released by Manchester police. “The mother was able to respond swiftly, and the infant was taken out of the dryer.”

According to WMUR, Heather Hamel of the Manchester Police Department said, “It’s really troubling.” “I mean, this is a four-month-old baby who was placed inside a dryer. It makes no difference whether it’s only a few seconds. The fact of the problem is that this child is clearly young and vulnerable to injury. This is terrifying for the child, as well as traumatizing for the mother who observed the whole thing.”

Higgins, according to court filings, has a history of domestic violence. An investigation into the incident is presently underway, according to authorities.

A couple was recently indicted in Kentucky after their 7-month-old infant died from serious brain damage, rib fractures, and many abrasions. Cody Northern, 22, and Savannah Northern, 23, both of Berea, were named as the suspects. Both defendants were charged with capital murder and nine charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment. After their infant died on September 4, the couple was arrested on charges of manslaughter. The couple told authorities their youngster choked while drinking from a bottle the day of the event. The infant had significant injuries that were not connected to choking, according to a medical evaluation. The infant died of brain hemorrhages, spinal cord hemorrhages, and multiple rib fractures, according to an autopsy.


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