A family court judge ordered Neil Ruddock to pay his ex-wife about £80,000.


A family court judge ordered Neil Ruddock to pay his ex-wife about £80,000.

After a family court judge determined that he had not paid support in accordance with an order, former footballer Neil Ruddock has been ordered to pay roughly £80,000 to his ex-wife.

Mr Ruddock, 53, claimed he couldn’t afford to pay Sarah Ruddock, 51, maintenance.

However, after hearing opposing arguments in an online trial, Deputy District Judge Brenda Morris of the Central Family Court ruled in Mrs Ruddock’s favor on Friday.

She came to the conclusion that Mr Ruddock, who had remarried, had refused to pay because he didn’t want to.

The judge presided over a closed hearing but permitted a journalist to attend.

She had previously ordered that only a few details of the disagreement might be revealed, and on Friday she declared that portions of her decision might be disclosed.

During his more than 12-year career, Mr Ruddock, a center defender who earned one England cap, played for clubs such as Southampton, Tottenham, Liverpool, and West Ham.

He has appeared in a number of television shows since retiring from sport, including I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and Celebrity MasterChef.

The Ruddocks married in 1989, divorced in 2008, and separated in 2005, according to Judge Morris.

Another judge ordered Mr Ruddock to pay Mrs Ruddock more than £900 per month in maintenance – sometimes known as “periodical payments” – in 2007.

Mrs Ruddock said that since March 2014, her ex-husband had only made a “few payments.”

He could afford to pay, she continued, but he had not followed the 2007 order.

Mrs Ruddock said she owed approximately £80,000 and requested that Judge Morris “enforce arrears.”

“I find that (Mrs Ruddock) has demonstrated that she has, and has always had, the ability to make the periodic payments order,” says the judge.

Mr Ruddock stated that he was unable to pay. Judge Morris was urged to “remit all arrears” and cut monthly payments.

Judge Morris refused to waive the arrears because Mrs Ruddock had demonstrated that Mr Ruddock “had the ability” to pay support as directed.

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