A failing Merseyside high school is making a comeback.


A failing Merseyside high school is making a comeback.

A Merseyside school that had been told it was failing its students has started to turn things around.

Ofsted inspectors lambasted Hillside High in Bootle after a report released in November 2019 said students were “making inadequate progress.”

Both “overall attendance and persistence absence data showed no improvement in recent years,” according to the report.

A new report released today (Tuesday) demonstrates how hard work by employees and management has resulted in great results.

It was described by inspectors as a “caring school” where students “respect one another and embrace each other’s uniqueness.”

Pupils also report that they “feel happy and comfortable at school,” that they “try hard,” and that they “behave nicely.”

The educational quality of all Hillside students is believed to be improving.

Some older students are not growing as well as they should, according to inspectors, although this is due to a lack of curriculum in past years.

Hillside High School employees “have the best interests of kids at heart,” according to a two-day assessment on June 29 and 30.

The school’s Ofsted rating has improved from “inadequate” to “improvement required.”

While instructors and other staff have been lauded in general, there are still areas in which they can improve.

Teachers aren’t “as confident” as they should be in implementing a new curriculum, weaker readers aren’t catching up fast enough, and certain underprivileged and/or SEND students aren’t attending as regularly as they should be.

“We are happy with the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection, and that the inspection team commented on the exceptional behavior and conduct of our pupils,” Hillside principal Amanda Ryan said.

“I am particularly happy of so many comments in the report, including ‘Leaders are aspirational for all kids at this school’ and ‘Students responded that staff do not accept any type of bullying or insulting behavior.’

“The passion of the Hillside team and our commitment to achieve ‘Excellence in the Heart of the Community’ is reflected in this report.

“We were ecstatic that all of our hard work on the curriculum had paid off. ‘Leaders have taken the appropriate actions to ensure that all kids have access to an adequate curriculum,’ according to the study.


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