A disabled teenager with learning difficulties was stabbed in the stomach while going out at night with friends.


Theodore Green has a number of disabilities, atypical autism, severe ADHD, pragmatic speech disorders, high anxiety and sensory problems.

An extremely vulnerable teenager with learning difficulties was stabbed in the stomach during a night outdoors.

The victim had 10 cm of his small intestine removed after an attack by the drunken Callum Cunliffe.

As a result, 10 cm of his small intestine had to be removed and a total of 57 staples were used to close his wounds.

But only about six weeks later, the 18-year-old student was stabbed to death one evening by his drunken father, Callum Cunliffe, 19.

He moved from Hereford to Southport in July this year after his parents found a place for him at a special school.

Both Mr. Green and Cunliffe tried to separate the line and the women were separated, but the sister of Cunliffe’s girlfriend in the gray tracksuit returned.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard that Mr Green had gone with friends to the Retro Bar in West Street, and was then thrown out at about 6am on 29 August.

Natalia Cornwall, prosecutor, said the video footage showed an argument between two women – one of whom was the sister of Cunliffe’s girlfriend – about an allegedly stolen handbag.

Mr. Green struck Cunliffe, who pushed him, then pulled a knife and stabbed the victim twice in the stomach.

She repeatedly pushed a man, and Mr. Green and Cunliffe intervened again, but the two men ended in a “quarrel about something.

Cunliffe from Loxley Road, Southport, threw the blade into a drain outside the bar and threw the police out on the arrest.

Mr. Green was shown sitting against a wall while people held paper towels to his wounds to contain the blood.

He was taken by ambulance to Aintree Hospital, where he underwent surgery to treat a 2 inch deep wound.

When questioned by the police, Cunliffe said he had not drunk for about 18 months and claimed he had beaten – not stabbed – his victim after Mr. Green said something that made him angry and that he could not remember.

Mrs Cornwall said: “He said the incident made him cry a lot and he tried to regulate himself emotionally but it was a challenge for him.

He accepted to throw something down the drain but denied that it was a knife and insisted that the weapon he found was not his before he confessed that he had taken a knife with him but argued that it was not the one he found.

Cunliffe, who has no criminal record, admitted that he was wounded with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and that he owned a knife in public.

Mrs. Cornwall said, “He said he did not believe Theodore Green had been stabbed in the first place”.


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