A desperate plea for a dog with an incurable tumor who deserves to be treated better.


A desperate plea for a dog with an incurable tumor who deserves to be treated better.

A urgent plea has been made on behalf of a dog suffering from an incurable tumor who deserves better than to spend her dying days in cages.

Leena is in serious need of a loving new home because her tumor is expected to spread and the foster family she was assigned to recently fell through.

“Kennels are no place for a dog in Leena’s condition,” says Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary in Liverpool, where Leena was admitted for palliative care.

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She need and deserves a loving home with owners who will provide her with unending support, care, and enjoyment during her short life.

Leena is a 12-year-old Shepherd-type dog in the medium to big size range.

She is described by Rescue Me as a “kind, friendly soul who enjoys human company,” but she has never lived in a home before and will require some time to acclimatize to her new surroundings.

The sanctuary is looking for a home in Merseyside, as well as someone who can transport her to vet appointments.

She has not been screened around children and should not be allowed into any home with children under the age of 12.

Leena’s new home should have someone on site for the majority of the day, as well as a totally guarded private garden.

“We believe Leena would like to be an alone dog at home, but she is perfectly fine meeting dogs on walks,” Rescue Me added. She’d be fine with cats who are used to being around dogs.

“We realize it’s a lot to ask, but Leena, in her current state, deserves so much more than a kennel.”

Anyone who believes they may be able to assist is asked to fill out an application form found here.


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