A ‘dangerous’ algal bloom has forced the closure of a Wirral boating lake.


A ‘dangerous’ algal bloom has forced the closure of a Wirral boating lake.

Wirral Council has had to close a boating lake in the borough due to dangerous amounts of algae.

On June 24, the lake on Gautby Road in Birkenhead was temporarily closed for safety reasons, but environmental agency findings mean it will not reopen.

The boating lake has “harmful levels” of blue-green algae, according to inspectors.

Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage status has been revoked.

Both humans and animals have been known to be poisoned by this form of algae.

Although no date has been established for the lake’s reopening, all visitors are requested to stay away from the water and keep dogs and animals on leashes when approaching the lake.

The Environment Agency will now conduct water checks to decide when the lake is fit to reopen.

Meanwhile, aeration works will be carried out by Wirral Council and Birkenhead Radio Sailing and Power Club.

Pumping oxygen into the water increases water flow and reduces the amount of blue-green algae in the water.

If more tests demonstrate that the harmful algae is still present in high concentrations, treatments will be considered to ensure that the lake can reopen.

Signs have been placed in the vicinity to inform people that the lake is closed and to emphasize the cause for the closure.


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