A crook associated with the Kirkstone Riot Squad supplied a gun that was fired at Bootle.


Thomas Jennings, Darren Russell and Simeon Pike were all arrested in connection with a semi-automatic handgun that Jennings had supplied to Russell and Pike prior to an incident last year.

Three men, including a crook connected to the notorious Kirkstone Riot Squad, admitted to gun-related crimes in connection with a shooting.

Thomas Jennings and two other men admitted gun-related crimes in connection with the shooting.

Almost a month later, police raided a house in Minto Close, Kensington, and found a loaded gun hidden in a first aid bag on a cabinet in a woman’s bedroom.

During the incident at about 9:10 p.m., one bullet went through the front window of one house while another hit the property wall.

Armed police officers drove down Markfield Road in Bootle after two shots were fired on the evening of Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Jennings, 25, no fixed abode but from Walton, was arrested in the house on October 17, 2019 and later admitted to possessing a firearm and ammunition without a certificate.

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Echo has previously reported how Jennings was sent to prison for seven and a half years on December 18 last year.

His DNA was found on the Slovakian Grand Power self-loading pistol of 9 mm PAK caliber, which according to the prosecution was loaded with six bullets and “ready to fire”.

A court heard that the convicted heroin dealer, whose criminal record includes assault and battery, “is known to have connections with the Kirkstone Riot Squad,” a.k.a. Litherland Street Gang, the KRS.

Russell, 23, of no fixed address, and Pike, 23, of Singleton Drive, Prescot, also appeared in court and admitted to possessing the same weapon with the intent to endanger lives on the same day.

He appeared in the Crown Court dock in Liverpool on Thursday, October 22, and admitted that on September 21, 2019, he handed over a banned weapon – the same Slovakian Grand Power pistol – to Russell and Pike before it was used in the shooting.

Russell pleaded guilty on 7 October last year on the assumption that one or more crimes would be committed in a further charge of encouragement or aiding and abetting.

These charges concerned his girlfriend, Jasmine Bech, 20, of Eltham Avenue, Litherland, and arrangements to have one or both men shot.

ECHO assumes that he was in prison on remand for another matter at the time of this crime.

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These men cannot be named for legal reasons, and ECHO will refer to them as Man A and Man B.


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