A company in the United Kingdom will now pay you to eat cheese and drink wine.


A company in the United Kingdom will now pay you to eat cheese and drink wine.

There’s nothing like a great cheese plate and a glass of wine to round out a meal.

In fact, it’s frequently the highlight of a meal out.

However, ahead of the holiday season, one company is searching for someone to test its cheese and wine selection.

Players of the National Lottery are being asked to double-check their tickets in anticipation of a £2 million jackpot win.

Cartwright & Butler is looking for a paid wine and cheese taster for the holidays.

This year, they’re actively recruiting additional expertise to perfect their already popular service.

The winner will receive £500 in addition to a large amount of cheese and wine to sample and critique.

In addition to the cheese and wine, the individual will be provided some crackers to complement the tasting experience.

To give a true taste of how a gorgeous cheese board from Cartwright & Butler might be enjoyed at Christmas, one of Cartwright & Butler’s cheese boards will be gifted for presentation.

The winning candidate will be requested to provide input on flavor, taste, appearance, packaging, and other factors. You don’t need any previous review experience; all you need is a true passion for cheese boards and wine.

The ideal Festive Wine and Cheese Tester will have a palate that has been trained to taste cheese and drink wine, be able to give honest comments, and have an eye for product presentation and consumer experience.

How to Apply for the Festive Wine and Cheese Tester Position

Simply send your CV and a brief description of why you would be the ideal candidate to [email protected] to be considered for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“The festive season is significant for us at Cartwright & Butler, which is exactly why we’re looking for more support in assessing our cheese boards and tasting wines this year,” said Gemma Barton, Head of Marketing & eCommerce at Cartwright & Butler.

“The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in all things related to cheese and wine.” We’re searching for someone who can provide us a full assessment of each product, from presentation to taste, so we can use this information in our market research.”


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