A coked-up yob hit a police officer in the Shankly Hotel with his head.


Anthony English, 25, began knocking on the doors of other guests after he claimed someone had “robbed” his cell phone.

A coked-up policeman who had head-butted a police officer at the Shankly Hotel was released today.

He had been given a suspended sentence for a hammer attack on his ex, but was released.

But he was released from prison again after a judge heard he was a “good father” who accepted that he had “acted like an idiot”.

English, from Laburnum Avenue, Huyton, was serving a suspended sentence at the time for a hammer attack on his ex.

When police found his cocaine and arrested the drunken father of two, he screamed “f***ing rats” and attacked an officer.

She called the police, but cancelled the application because he had apparently calmed down, only to have the English start running through the hallways, knocking on doors and disturbing guests.

English went to the hotel reception desk in Victoria Street on Saturday, July 25, around 10:30 p.m. and shouted, “Some T*** has robbed my phone. I’m gonna knock on every damn door in this hotel until I find it.”

Ben Stanley, the prosecutor, told English, who kept going away and then coming back, ignoring the night manager’s pleas to calm down.

Officers arrived, spoke with English and accompanied him to his room where they saw the cocaine and arrested him for possession of a controlled drug.

She offered to help him find his phone in his room where English was throwing objects around and she discovered a small bag of white powder on a nightstand.

Mr. Stanley said, “Mr. English got a red face and cramped up and bit his teeth and raised his voice, insulting the officers present.

The police body-cam footage showed English screaming as they escorted him out of the room in handcuffs: “Damn rats you know. F***ing rats. On my f***ing phone are pictures of my kids and everything, boy.”

Then he jumped on PC Jack Harrison and hit his head in the temple, which caused a swelling before he was brought to the floor and moaned, “I’m not doing anything.

He said he was “depraved” drunk – on a scale of drunkenness he rated himself eight out of ten – and admitted to using cocaine.

English, who also had a small block of cannabis resin, told police that he was in the room with a friend named Sinead.

He said that two or three officers “turned him on” and denied the headbutt or that there had been any contact or injuries.

Mr Stanley told the officers, “I’m not stupid enough to headbutt a Bizzy.”

English said he was upset because his phone was lost but did not remember knocking on doors and denied that the cocaine was his.


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