A Christian couple has been chastised online for their strict ‘rules’ in their marriage.


A Christian couple has been chastised online for their strict ‘rules’ in their marriage.

A woman released a list of severe “rules” she has for her husband and herself, prompting internet users to wonder whether these rules are true keys to a happy marriage or evidence of a pair who has lost faith in one another.

Bailey McPherson, who lives in California, has been married to her husband, Zac, since 2018. According to the New York Post, the Christian influencers are also parents to their child, Noah. On Saturday, McPherson posted a video on TikTok titled “Rules my husband and I have for our marriage that make others ANGRY.” The regulations enraged many people, and many questioned why the pair felt the need to have so much control over each other’s life, as the title implied.

“No opposite-sex pals” and “No work gfs/bfs or being alone with the other sex” were at the top of the list of regulations.

Not only that, but the pair also forbade each other from sending SMS messages to people of the other sex. They supposedly have to tell their spouse about it if they had to.

One guideline stated, “No lusting after others (following scandalous pages),” while another stated, “No porn.”

“Always put each other first (even over parents),” was the icing on the cake.

McPherson happily published the rules she and Zac observe in their marriage, but she quickly received abuse for the video, which has over 2 million views on TikTok. In order to prevent people from flooding her article with criticism about her marriage, the wife and mother was compelled to hide the comments area.

The influencer stayed to her word and later posted a follow-up video to justify her and her husband’s strict marriage standards. McPherson explained that they agreed not to be friends with the opposing sex because such people can’t provide them anything they don’t already get from each other.

“As a married woman, I don’t feel the desire for companionship from another man that I can’t have from my husband,” McPherson said. “My husband doesn’t need companionship from another lady if he can have it from his wife.” According to McPherson, the decision to prevent each other from watching porn could aid with “stronger intimacy in partnerships,” “healthier body image,” and “greater emotional health.”


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