A Chase participant looks just like a classic TV character.


A Chase participant looks just like a classic TV character.

Fans of The Chase were astounded when they learned that a contestant on today’s episode looked just like a character from a legendary American TV show.

On the ITV gameshow, four fresh quizzers competed against Chaser Mark Labbett for a $1,000 reward.

Russell, a recruitment worker from Staffordshire, infuriated fans when he took the cheaper offer to bring £2000 home, but Ceri, 51, was next.

Up the cash-builder, the planning officer from Colwyn Bay put in a strong showing, earning the chance to play for £7000.

Ceri intended to spend the money on a trip around America or reupholstering his antique chairs, but it wasn’t his quizzing skills that got fans raving about his performance online.

Viewers of the event flocked to Twitter to point out how Ceri resembled Walter White from the widely acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad in the early seasons.

“Nice to see Walter White making an appearance on #thechase,” one fan said.

“This guy on #TheChase looks a little like Walter White,” said another.

“What is Walter White doing on the chase?” a third tweeted.

“I am Heisenberg #TheChase,” wrote a fourth user alongside a photo of Ceri.

Unfortunately, the Bryan Cranston impersonator was unable to extend his strong performance in the cash builder into the head-to-head, and The Beast grabbed him three steps from home.

Alison joined Russell in the Final Chase for a total prize pool of £8,000.

The squad had built up 17 steps when they were caught with 19 seconds left, meaning they were forced to leave empty-handed.


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