A ‘breathtaking’ bungalow with a swimming pool and sunset views.


A ‘breathtaking’ bungalow with a swimming pool and sunset views.

In Merseyside, a new house with “breathtaking” views has just hit the market.

The five-bedroom dormer home in Oakfield Gardens, Heswall, has several interesting characteristics.

A swimming pool and Jacuzzi with panoramic views of the Welsh Hills and River Dee are among the property’s highlights.

Merseyside mansion for sale that “rivals a five-star hotel and spa”

It’s unknown how much the ‘extraordinary’ home will sell for now that the asking price has been publicized.

Rightmove’s market data, on the other hand, indicates how much comparable houses in the region are listed for.

Many homes in the region are presently listed for more than £1 million.

A five bedroom house on Tower Road North is available for sale for £1,250,000, and another on Thurstaston Road is for £1,350,000.

Another house on Station Road, just over a mile distant, is up for sale for £2,300,000.

Given these figures, it’s hardly surprising if the Oldfield Gardens house sells for more over £1,000,000.

According to Rightmove, the average price in Heswall during the last year was £369,348.

The majority of transactions in the last 12 months were for detached homes, with an average price of £509,341, significantly higher than the regional average.

Semi-detached homes sold for an average of £257,325, while flats sold for an average of £207,938.

One of the property’s main selling points, according to images, is the “amazing panoramic vistas” it offers.

The home features a beautiful yard with unobstructed views of the Welsh Hills and the River Dee.

The yard contains a huge patio space and plenty of lawn, and is described as “perfect for watching the sunset.”

It is situated on a hill, which affords not only better views but also more solitude.

A wide private lawn space is located at the bottom of the property.

The property is divided into two stories on the inside of the house.

Three of the five bedrooms are located on the ground level, which is the largest section of the house.

There is a swimming pool, a sun room, and a gym in addition to the numerous family facilities.

The bedrooms are all ‘large double bedrooms,’ with three having their own en suite bathroom.

“A family home unlike any other,” according to the Karl Tatler listing.

“Boasting.” “Summary comes to an end.”


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