A bid for a new £150 million Liverpool Women’s Hospital has been filed.


A bid for a new £150 million Liverpool Women’s Hospital has been filed.

The management of Liverpool’s premier maternity hospital have submitted a £150 million plan to the government for a new hospital facility.

Although Liverpool Women’s Hospital, on Crown Street in Toxteth, is a relatively new addition to the NHS, having opened in 1995, it is no longer considered the safest option for maternity and gynaecological care in the city.

Since 2014, Liverpool Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has maintained that relocating the service near a major acute hospital, where patients can be rapidly transported in an emergency, will improve patient safety.

The action is also said to lessen dangers for pregnant women hospitalized to the city’s primary emergency hospitals after accidents or exposure to Covid-19.

In recent years, the trust has been unsuccessful in obtaining capital money from the Department of Health and Social Care, but the Government invited bids for eight new hospitals across the UK in July of this year.

A footbridge would connect a new building to either the soon-to-open new Royal Liverpool Hospital or to Aintree Hospital, with the Royal being the most likely option.

The trust stated that any new hospital construction would take several years, and that it would continue to invest on the Crown Street site to maintain standards.

“On the Crown Street site, the Trust does not have critical care facilities and lacks speedy access to other specialized surgical and medical services in case of urgent need,” according to a study presented to the trust board last week.

“Inpatients at other acute hospitals also lack access to onsite gynecology and maternity treatments, such as pregnant women admitted to major trauma services or ITU due to COVID-19.

“The scheme consists of a new hospital that is co-located with and connected to an adult acute site by a footbridge to allow for urgent patient and staff transfers between the two buildings.

“The scheme’s goal is to solve challenges that arise as a result of the Trust’s existing location, which is apart from adult acute services.

“The scheme’s costs were initially estimated to be £150 million; however, cost estimates are presently being updated, and it is expected.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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