A beloved bus driver who had “time for everyone” dies suddenly.


The father of two, Neil Cragg, was very committed to making people smile and was a devoted family man, his brother said.

Tribute was paid to a very beloved bus driver who had “time for all” after his sudden death.

“I can’t describe how funny things were when you were in his company, he just lit everything on fire”.

“Everyone in Kirkby knew him and the surrounding areas, like Maghull, everyone knew him because he was such a nice person and he was open to other people.

Neil’s brother, Mark Cragg, 55, said, “I’m not just saying that because he was my brother, anyone would say that.

The 53-year-old from Kirkby died on October 19 due to heart complications, but his family said people’s memories of him would live on.

“He could talk to anyone [between the ages of]10 and 110, and he was very caring. He knew that everything you said was important, so he listened to you. It didn’t matter what the subject was, nothing would bore him.

“He was just a great communicator with people.”

Before he was a bus driver in Maghull, Neil helped out in a pub and worked at Jaguar Land Rover.

Mark said the lifelong LFC supporter Neil was “like a celebrity” because he was so popular in the community.

While working in the pub, Neil had built a reputation as an entertainer and as someone who liked to hang out with others, Mark said.

“He used to get everyone to play karaoke, he loved a little Neil Diamond.

He said: “He was a celebrity. We’re from Kirkby, but he was known everywhere. He had a good word for everyone.

“He was an incredible singer. If people stood outside the pub and heard him sing, they knew it was Neil.”

“He helped run a pub and did karaoke, and he could sing just about anything. Everyone went there just for him, people said ‘sing this for me, sing that for me’.

He said: “He used to chat with the older people like ‘You look great today’, he was full of vibrations. I can’t put it into words, he had time for everybody.

“He talked to the kids on the bus and said, ‘How were your exams’ and he got to know everybody. He had time for everybody.”

But Mark said that Neil also tried to make others smile away from the stage while he worked as a bus driver.


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