A accidental find at a woman’s Aldi shop is one in 720 million.


A accidental find at a woman’s Aldi shop is one in 720 million.

A trip to Aldi by a Liverpool woman yielded an extremely rare treasure.

Christine Hill of Allerton had gone grocery shopping at her local Aldi the day before and had purchased a packet of eggs among her necessities.

She discovered a “double yolker” when she cracked one of the eggs at home to make scrambled eggs.

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As she cracked her eggs further, she was astounded to discover that all six eggs in the box had double yolks.

Christine shared her discovery on Twitter, writing, “6 double yolkers out of one box of 6 eggs.”

“What are the chances?” says the clucking clucking clucking clucking clucking cluck

Christine, who picked up the eggs at the ALDI in Gateacre yesterday, told The Washington Newsday about her shopping surprise: “The first time you think ‘oh look, a double yolker,’ and don’t think much more of it.”

“And then, when the second one was a double, you simply chalk it up to coincidence, but by the third one, my husband and I were laughing about whether the next one would be as well.

“And then it happened. And so on until the entire box had been cracked and all of the cards were doubles. It was both amusing and unexpected.

“I googled it and it appears to occur more frequently in younger chickens and is thought to be an indication of an unskilled layer, although I have no idea if this is true.”

One commenter on Christine’s post estimated the odds to be 1 in 729 million, based on the fact that odds of 1 in 30 multiplied by six equaled a vanishingly small likelihood.

Christine was advised to “grab some lottery numbers tonight,” despite the fact that, according to the British Egg Information Service, double yolks, while extremely rare, are more likely to arrive in multiples.

“Double yolkers (eggs with two yolks) likely to come from younger hens whose hormone systems are still naturally developing,” the British Egg Information Service says on their website.

“It’s extremely rare for an egg to be ‘double yolked,’ and while we can’t be certain, double yolkers are estimated to be less than 0.1 percent of the time.

“However, because the.”Summary comes to an end.”


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