A 7-year-old boy bravely fights monkeys in a park to save an elderly woman.


A 7-year-old boy bravely fights monkeys in a park to save an elderly woman.

To save a woman in a park, a seven-year-old child heroically fought against a horde of hostile monkeys. Residents of a neighbouring colony afterwards honored the minor for his bravery.

The event occurred early on Monday morning in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to The Times Of India, the child, Tejas Pradhan, was feeding a pack of stray dogs nearby when he noticed Asha Vij, 70, laying on the ground and surrounded by monkeys in the park.

To save the elderly woman, Pradhan grabbed a stick and dashed towards the troupe of apes. The boy’s devoted pack of street dogs trailed him, and together they managed to terrify the monkeys into fleeing.

“We hurried outdoors when we heard a ruckus. “There was an elderly woman lying on the ground inside the park while this boy was confidently challenging the monkeys with a stick as dogs provided cover,” an eyewitness, Kapil Bishnoi, was quoted by the daily as saying.

Vij, who was only slightly injured in the event, hailed the youngster for his bravery and fast thinking. The woman was quoted by the Times Of India as saying, “I was enjoying a walk in the park on Monday morning when all of a sudden numerous monkeys attacked me.”

“I had even fallen when Tejas and his dogs emerged out of nowhere and chased the simians away,” she continued.

“All dogs in my colony are my friends,” Tejas told the newspaper. The monkeys were beaten by all of us working together. Locals praised the child for his bravery and said, “I will not allow them to return here again.” “It was a bold effort for a seven-year-old,” said Lokesh Sharma, president of the colony’s welfare group. “Perhaps the authorities will take notice after this incident.”

According to Sharma, residents in the neighborhood have been pleading with authorities to address the monkey problem, but little has been done so far.

Previous infamous events with primates have occurred in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. According to NDTV, a group of monkeys attacked a frontline health worker in May 2020 and fled with blood samples from COVID-19 patients.

The samples were not throat swabs used to establish COVID-19 positivity in an individual, according to the hospital personnel.


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