A 30-year-old father of two who was known as the “heart and soul of the party” passes away unexpectedly.


A 30-year-old father of two who was known as the “heart and soul of the party” passes away unexpectedly.

A distraught mother paid tribute to her 30-year-old son, who she described as the “life and soul of the party.”

David Griffiths, a father of two from Ellesmere Port, was discovered dead at his house on July 13.

His mother, Ellen Griffiths, told The Washington Newsday that her son was a “family man” who adored his two sons and was a “staunch Liverpool supporter” whose death has shocked his family.

After realizing she couldn’t pay for her groceries, a man followed her out of the Aldi store.

“David was the life and soul of the party,” Ellen remarked.

“He was always pulling pranks on everyone, and he was a joy to be around.

“It’s just that we’re all numb with shock.”

David grew up with his mother, brothers Col, Ste, and Lee, and sisters Soph and Jess in Ellesmere Port. He went to Sutton High School, where he excelled in sports.

His mother Ellen describes him as a “staunch Liverpool supporter” who “watched every match.”

“Even at work, he would never miss the match; he’d take his phone and watch the game,” Ellen explained.

“We used to laugh about it because he was a Liverpool fan and I was a Man United fan.”

David leaves behind two boys, Ashton, 13, and David, six, whom he “loved to bits.” David worked at a vaccination center before his death.

“He adored his two sons, as well as his nieces, nephews, brothers, and sisters,” Ellen said.

“He was a true family man who loved his family.”

The “worst part,” according to Ellen, is not knowing how her son, who was discovered at home, died.

She: “He was just found asleep, and we have no idea what happened to him. That’s the worst part.”

“We’re all in shock; we don’t believe it’s happening to us; we’re simply paralyzed with shock.”

David’s family has been raising money for his funeral, with his cousin Donna doing a sponsored hair cut to assist defray the costs.

Ellen describes the support she’s received from Ellesmere Port residents as “wonderful.”

“I just want to thank all of our family, friends, and the people of Ellesmere Port for all of their support,” she added.

“Everyone has been kind, and the family is grateful for their assistance.

“It’s simply been such a dreadful shock,” says the narrator.

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