A 16-year-old accident victim died 30 minutes after receiving an injection from a rumored inebriated doctor.


A 16-year-old accident victim died 30 minutes after receiving an injection from a rumored inebriated doctor.

A 16-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital following an accident and died just 30 minutes after receiving an injection from a doctor, according to reports.

The doctor was allegedly drunk when he treated the patient, according to the victim’s family. The event occurred on Monday evening in Jalandhar, a city in the Punjab state of northern India. Vansh was the sole name given to the victim.

After learning that the doctor was inebriated, the family members allegedly assaulted him. The police came on the spot and began an inquiry, according to Tribune India.

Dr. Jitendra, the accused, was under the influence of alcohol while attending to his patients, according to preliminary inquiry.

A medical evaluation of the doctor on Monday night revealed that he was inebriated.

The doctor has been charged with culpable homicide under Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code.

A complaint was filed against the doctor on Tuesday, alleging that he gave the boy incorrect treatment, which may have resulted in his death.

According to Jagran.com [Google Translate], Chander Kumar, the victim’s father, revealed that his son was involved in an accident involving a school bus. With damage to his ribs, the sufferer was transported to the hospital.

His family claimed the adolescent died as a result of the doctor’s and medical staff’s incompetence, and that the victim was given the inappropriate injection dose.

The victim’s relatives blocked the route to the hospital and attacked several of the hospital professionals who had been there during the teenager’s treatment. Officials from the Department of Health have announced that an investigation into the incident has begun, and that charges of medical negligence would be filed once the allegations are confirmed.

A newborn kept on a warmer in a hospital died of charring in August, prompting the family to accuse the hospital staff of carelessness and murder. The incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India. According to the family, the hospital staff was engrossed in their iPhones while the infant boy was kept warm on the warmer. After being scorched on the chest, back, and abdomen, the baby perished, according to reports.


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