96 angels made it possible,” say families from Hillsborough after winning the Premier League title in Liverpool.


Yesterday evening, millions of Reds fans celebrated the victory of Jurgen Klopp’s men in the Premier League, which triggered scenes of cheering in Merseyside and beyond.

Families who have lost loved ones in Hillsborough described their poignant reflections as Liverpool sealed their first title in 30 years three decades after the tragedy.

Four relatives speak of their ambivalent feelings after the Reds’ first triumph since 1990, which are reflected in the reflections of those lost in Sheffield

When the final whistle sounded at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea defeated Manchester City, emotional memories were immediately awakened in the minds of many Hillsborough families.

A year after the disaster, Liverpool won the domestic championship in 1990, but their quest for another league win was not to become a reality until 30 years later, 10 p.m. yesterday.

However, the symbolism of the triumph was not lost on the relatives of the 96 men, women and children who were unlawfully killed at Sheffield Stadium in 1989.

Ms Brookes told ECHO: “I can’t believe it, 30 years.

Louise Brookes, who lost her 26-year-old brother Andrew, described how she was touched by the parallel that the Liverpool title was confirmed in London in the 96th minute of stoppage time.

She said that the title was confirmed in London in the 96th minute of injury time. But the 49-year-old said she had experienced various emotions, including a burning frustration that justice had not been achieved for her sibling.

“I should have jumped for joy last night, but two things went through my mind.

“First, I felt guilty because I always really believed that we would win in the courtroom and that Liverpool would win the Premier League.

“I think Andrew should be here now celebrating, he would be overjoyed.

“When I heard that Liverpool had won the league in the 96th minute of that game and not in the 94th or 95th, I felt it was a message.

“Today 96 more people should be celebrating like everyone else on the streets.

“I am very happy for Liverpool FC, but the 96 should be here.

“Liverpool has given these fans the best gift ever. They deserve justice, but they will never get this opportunity.

“It feels bittersweet, I spoke to other families today and they say they are exactly the same….


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