6 months after marrying the woman who accused him of rape, he strangles her to death.


6 months after marrying the woman who accused him of rape, he strangles her to death.

Police said Monday that a 24-year-old man accused of raping a woman admitted to killing her about six months after they married.

According to Hindustan Times, the guy, known by his first name Rajesh, from Delhi, India’s capital, has been charged with murder for strangling to death his 29-year-old wife, Babita.

Last month, Babita’s family reported her missing, and the police began an inquiry. During questioning, Rajesh admitted to killing his wife after transporting her to Nainital, a mountainous town in Uttarakhand’s northern state, around 190 miles from Delhi. Later, he led the cops to where he dumped her body near a freeway.

Rajesh was sentenced to prison in August 2020 after Babita filed a complaint alleging that he had raped her under the guise of marrying her. Babita filed an affidavit a few days later, stating that she wanted to withdraw the complaint and marry him. According to The Indian Express, Rajesh was released on bail in October 2020, and the couple married in December 2020.

Rajesh allegedly battled with Babita over small problems, according to her family. According to authorities, her relatives also claimed that she was not provided with adequate food and lodging.

Rajesh is said to have persuaded his wife, who was residing in her homeland of Uttarakhand, to return on June 11 to see his mother. Babita’s relatives filed a missing person report on June 15 after being unable to contact her by phone.

Rajesh stated at first that his wife had fled when they arrived in Uttarakhand and that he had lost communication with her. Police discovered their last location was in Nainital, where Babita’s phone was switched off, after analyzing the couple’s phone data. Rajesh admitted to killing his wife when questioned by the officers.

“He indicated his intention to have a personal interaction with his wife in a remote location about 13 kilometers from Nainital. He whisked her away to a cave. He strangled his wife after having intercourse, according to Hindustan Times, citing Vijay Mehta, an investigating officer.

Rajesh allegedly told police that he killed his wife because she and her mother had “harassed” him. He was detained on suspicion of murder and evidence destruction.


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