5-Year-Old Child Slain in Occult Ritual Sacrifice to Discover Buried Treasure


5-Year-Old Child Slain in Occult Ritual Sacrifice to Discover Buried Treasure

A lady and her daughter have been detained in connection with the murder of a five-year-old girl in India during an occult ritual sacrifice.

According to the authorities, the two women engaged in the heinous deed in order to unearth buried wealth. The crime was discovered Tuesday after authorities in Uttar Pradesh received information about a missing girl. During inquiry in the area, it was discovered that the two ladies murdered the girl and then dumped her body, according to The Times of India.

The accused, who resided in the Chamraudi village within the jurisdiction of the Kotwali police station, murdered their neighbor’s child under the influence of a sorcerer.

5-Year-Old Child Hacked To Death In Occult Ritual Sacrifice To Find Buried Treasure

“The sorcerer told the accused that she would get buried treasure if she sacrificed a child as part of a ritual,” a police source told The Times of India.

Following the sorcerer’s instructions, the two ladies abducted and slit the neck of the five-year-old girl. They later dismembered her body and disposed of it in a nearby sewer.

The victim’s body was eventually recovered from the sewage and sent for an autopsy. According to police officer Bhaskar Mishra, the girl suffered major injuries to her neck.

The child’s mother filed a missing persons report after her daughter was not located. The victim’s father died some days ago as a result of an illness.

“We have detained the accused woman, her daughter, and her husband for further investigation. We are also investigating the matter from several viewpoints “According to the Tribune, a police official stated.

The defendant admits to murdering the infant in the course of a “ritual sacrifice.” The police did not disclose the nature of the allegations brought against the two defendants.

Numerous people in many parts of India, particularly rural areas, rely on occultist activities and even engage in human sacrifice to satisfy their dreams.

In March, the burnt body of a 42-year-old baby girl was discovered near her home under suspicious circumstances, and investigators determined it was connected to “child sacrifice.” The incident occurred in Jharkhand. “The body was thoroughly burnt and dumped into a neighboring pit. We are interviewing Sunita Devi, the baby’s mother “At the time, authorities stated.


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