4-Year-Old As punishment for allegedly murdering his father, he was stripped naked and duct-taped in the basement.


4-Year-Old As punishment for allegedly murdering his father, he was stripped naked and duct-taped in the basement.

According to investigators, a 4-year-old Indiana boy was murdered by his father after being kept naked and duct-taped in the basement of his apartment.

Judah Morgan, who died from blunt force injuries Monday morning, was apparently mistreated as a punishment for not being toilet trained. According to the South Bend Tribune, the victim’s father, Alan Morgan, was charged with murder and child negligence, while his mother, Mary Yoder, was charged with child neglect causing death.

Officers from LaPorte County responded to reports of an unresponsive youngster on Monday. Officers entered the house and discovered that no adults were present. The deputies discovered Judah’s lifeless body under a blanket in one of the bedrooms. The infant was completely naked and bruised. According to the probable cause affidavit, he had no pulse and was chilly to the touch. At the time, there were three other children in the house, and they were rushed to the hospital.

According to court papers, Yoder contacted 911 to say that Alan had lost his cool and beaten up Judah. She also warned them that Alan might run if he felt threatened.

According to Yoder, Alan would regularly send Judah naked to the basement, where he was physically assaulted for not being potty trained like the other kids. Judah was also refused nourishment for several days while being held in the gloomy cellar. According to ABC 57, Yoder admitted to sending the child to the basement on one occasion.

Yoder said she last saw Judah on Oct. 9 in the basement before going to the hospital to give birth. Investigators learned that the couple’s 7-year-old boy saw Alan hit Judah and that both of his parents forcibly took Judah to the basement. He also said that the family hosted a birthday party for a third sibling the day before the deceased died. During the celebration, Judah was imprisoned in the basement.

Officers discovered a starving dog in a cage during their search. The house reeked of urine, feces, and rotten food, according to investigators. Officers discovered a training toilet and rolls of duct tape strewn around the basement when they searched it. According to the probable cause affidavit, they also discovered a blanket and a pair of sweatpants with duct tape affixed that smelled like urine.


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