4 cops and an assistant district attorney are among those accused of illegally selling medical marijuana for $13 million.


4 cops and an assistant district attorney are among those accused of illegally selling medical marijuana for $13 million.

According to the Associated Press, four cops and an assistant district attorney have been charged in connection with the unlawful sale of $13 million in marijuana grown for Maine’s medical program.

According to federal prosecutors, two sheriff’s deputies mentioned in the 14-count criminal complaint are accused of accepting new cars and a stake in the scheme, while two other members of law enforcement assisted by giving intelligence and tip-offs.

Unsealed government documents revealed the elaborate plan after one of the defendants pleaded guilty on Wednesday. According to the Associated Press, those charged reportedly sold marijuana cultivated for registered caregivers outside of the state system and then laundered the revenues through a business structure.

The operation’s apparent connection to officers, according to Augusta Police Chief Jared Mills, head of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, is “extremely upsetting.”

“The Maine Chiefs of Police Association has always stood for equal application of the law to everyone in the state of Maine, and we are sure that the legal system will decide this issue appropriately,” Mills said.

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A Rangeley select board member, the assistant district attorney, two Franklin County sheriff’s deputies, an Oxford County sheriff’s deputy, and a Wilton police officer were among those indicted.

According to the complaint, Franklin County deputies got ownership interests and cars in exchange for private information. According to the lawsuit, the prosecutor allegedly informed a corrupt police officer about the investigation, and two other officers allegedly informed Franklin County deputies that they were being watched.

According to court documents, Randal Cousineau, 69, of Farmington, pled guilty on Wednesday to conspiring to illegally cultivate and sell more than a ton of marijuana and more than 1,000 marijuana plants.

Prosecutors stated that while Cousineau owned a 50% stake in the company, Lucas Sirois, 41, of Farmington, was the operation’s head.

Sirois, who made his first court appearance in Bangor on Thursday, allegedly conspired with his tax preparer to file fake tax returns in order to conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, according to prosecutors.

Sirois’ lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, said his client was running a legal marijuana business and had “taken considerable pains to ensure that he was working in line with Maine law.” The federal charges were brought against him. This is a condensed version of the information.


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