3-Year-Old Tortured and Murdered by Injecting Needles Into His Body; Mother and Lover Sentenced To Death


3-Year-Old Tortured and Murdered by Injecting Needles Into His Body; Mother and Lover Sentenced To Death

A 3-year-old boy was tortured and killed by injecting needles into his body; his mother and lover were sentenced to death.

An Indian woman and her lover were sentenced to death after a judge found them guilty of brutally murdering the mother’s 3-year-old daughter by inserting needles into her body.

According to The Indian Express, the child’s mother Mangala Goswami and her lover Sanatan Thakur, both from Purulia in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, were sentenced to death by hanging on Tuesday for the murder of the toddler girl in July 2017.

The girl was taken to the hospital with a fever and a cold on July 11, 2017, and the specifics of the horrific mistreatment were disclosed. The medical examiners used an X-ray to analyze the infant’s condition because she had multiple cuts and wounds.

When the medics discovered seven four-inch needles placed in the child’s chest, lower tummy, and private areas, they were taken aback. The girl died on July 21, 2017, after a nearly 10-day fight in the hospital, despite doctors surgically removing the needles from her body.

Goswami began meeting Thakur after his divorce while working as a domestic worker at his house with her child. Thakur sexually tormented the minor girl, according to authorities, and the two planned to kill her because she was interfering with their love. According to officials, the needles were placed as part of “tantric rituals” to treat the child’s illness. Thakur had a reputation for performing such rites.

A doctor who examined the youngster found two needles in her liver, one in the kidney, one in the urinary bladder, another at the back of the bladder, one in the vagina, and another in the lower belly, according to an earlier account in The Indian Express.

Prosecutors said Tuesday following the sentencing that a mother’s lap, which is the safest location for any infant, was the cause of the death of a defenseless child, according to The Times of India. The court sentenced the couple to death after describing the case as “the rarest of rare.”


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