25 Halloween quizzes for the whole family.


The Liverpool City region is classified in Tier 3 at the government’s Covid Alert level, which means that households are not allowed to mix and match, and treatment is also restricted.

Many of us would normally prepare our costumes to attend a Halloween party, but due to current restrictions on corona viruses, the situation looks different this year.

We have put together a selection of questions and answers about children, movies and general knowledge

Let us know how you are progressing in the following comments.

Topics include horror movies, general knowledge and family friendliness. We have also included the answers to all the questions listed below.

Fortunately, we can still talk about apps like Zoom with our friends and family members, and for those of you who are hosting a virtual Halloween gathering tonight, our colleagues at MEN have put together a series of Halloween-related questions for you to ask.

2 What kind of animal can vampires supposedly turn into?

1. what fruits do we carve and use as lanterns on Halloween?

4 Which animal is a witch’s best friend?

3 What is another name for Halloween?

5. What are the names of the three witches from Hocus Pocus?

7 What are the names of the four core members (mom, dad and the two kids) of the Addam’s Family?

6. In which year was Beetlejuice released?

8. which actor played Donnie Darko?

10. what country celebrates the Day of the Dead?

9 Which room number was not allowed for Danny in The Shining?

12. what were originally used as the first pumpkin lanterns?

13. what kind of creature is Shrek?

11. where is Transylvania?


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