Brazan Mohammedadin was jailed for 42 weeks


Yazar Iqbal received a 15 cm incision in his stomach when Brazan Mohammedadin swung a pocket knife at him in the Scarisbrick Hotel in Southport.

In a hotel corridor, a man was slit in the stomach after a fight over slammed doors escalated into a fight.

The shoeless victim discovered blood on his T-shirt as he put on shoes ready for battle.

Ken Grant said: “Around 8:15 p.m., Mr. Iqbal was in his room watching a movie. There are fire doors in the hallway outside his room and he heard them slam shut.

The Crown Court in Liverpool learned today that the victim only realized that he had cut himself when he discovered blood on his T-shirt when he returned to his room to put on shoes so they could resume their fight.

The two had been arguing for several minutes when Mohammedadin drew his gun.

“Mr. Iqbal instructed the defendant and the other man not to open and close the fire doors as before.

“This happened several times and disturbed his view of the film, so he went out into the corridor to find out who was responsible for slamming the doors shut.

“When he was outside in the corridor, he saw this defendant, Mr. Mohammedadin, with another man talking to each other.

Mr. Grant explained that Mr. Ibal told the police that Mr. Mohammedadin was holding a 35cl bottle of whiskey, with only a small amount left, and asked him, “Are you shouting at me?

“The defendant approached Mr. Iqbal and asked him if he was okay.

Mr. Grant said, “The Defendant then walked up to Mr. Iqbal and pushed him and in response Mr. Iqbal pushed him back, whereupon the Defendant struck Mr. Iqbal on the head and knocked Mr. Iqbal back with a blow.

The third man, who was not mentioned by name in court, then intervened to separate the couple.

“For about two minutes, the men exchanged blows.”

Mr. Grant added, “Mr. Iqbal then described to police that the defendant then pulled a knife out of a pocket of his jeans. Mr. Iqbal described the knife as being about five to six centimeters long.

“He began swinging it in front of Mr. Iqbal and told him that he would kill him.

At this point, Mr. Iqbal, who was shoeless in the corridor at the time, decided to go back to his room and put on shoes.

Mr. Iqbal told the police that he wanted to go back out to continue the fight, but when he was in his room, he noticed blood on his shirt and only then realized that he had been cut open.

“The defendant then swung the knife he was holding in his hand toward Mr. Iqbal’s stomach.


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