15 of the most haunted houses and towns in Merseyside.


From ghostly cemeteries visited by strange silver figures to historic estates where visitors tell of hearing servants at work, there are many places to satisfy your ghostly curiosity.

If you feel like putting your nerves to the test and doing something different for a change – then you should check out these 15 ghost sites in Merseyside.

From ghostly cemeteries visited by strange silver figures to historic country estates

We’ve collected some of the most haunted places in Merseyside and the story behind these super creepy real-world haunted places.

It stayed that way until 1988, when the hospital stopped accepting new patients and in 1992 all remaining patients and staff were relocated.

Originally built in 1879 as an orphanage for sailors’ children, the place was converted into a hospital in 1954 and received an influx of patients with severe mental health problems.

Since then, the hospital has become a hotspot for explorers, photographers and paranormalists who regularly visit the building and enter and exit its endless rooms.

In 1997, the building was finally evacuated by patients and staff and closed its doors, falling into a state of decay.

The building is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Liverpool. Recent visitors to the building reported hearing distant voices and seeing shadowy figures on the walls.

A man who used to work at Newsham Park Hospital said the old asylum was so cursed, it was “pure evil” and “should have been torn down”.

Ghost hunters even claim to have heard the knocking from the cupboards that were supposedly located where badly brought up children were sent for punishment in Victorian times.

John Gray worked at the telephone switchboard and hospital reception desk from 1973 to 1986 and said he couldn’t have gotten out of there fast enough after the paranormal activity that traumatized him so much that he still has nightmares.

Speaking to ECHO in 2017, Mr. Gray said: “You could feel the evil as you came in, it was in the atmosphere. When I was released, I couldn’t have gotten out fast enough”.

Lorna McDonald called clerics to her house in Belle Vale after demons forced her daughter to leave the house and let her live in fear.

The 46-year-old claimed she saw demonic figures and witnessed mirrors flying off the wall.


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