10 TikTok stars from Liverpool who keep us amused.


10 TikTok stars from Liverpool who keep us amused.

Throughout the repeated lockdowns in 2020, TikTok was the nation’s source of entertainment, and now we can see the site leading to the meteoric rise of some of Liverpool’s youth.

TikTok members all across the city are providing us with not just fun and laughter, but also excellent stuff related to fashion, gastronomy, leisure, and everyday life.

Local talent has been able to promote their work not only locally, but also globally, thanks to the extremely popular social networking app.

Aintree Racecourse donates Grand National tickets to the NHSBelow, we take a look at some of the TikTok performers who are promoting Liverpool online and keeping us entertained.

Here are some of the city’s most popular TikTok stars right now:

Griffin, Jerome

Jerome Griffin, a drama graduate, has a 36.5K Instagram following that is still growing, and he keeps our feeds full of goodness with his regular posts around local eateries and cafés.

Jerome’s videos make our lips water as he evaluates some of Liverpool’s most delectable delicacies.

He depicts the importance of food in the city and features some of Liverpool’s most delectable eateries, including Patterson’s, Cucina Di Vincenzos, and The Monroe.

Jerome is your go-to-guy if you’re undecided about where to eat this Friday night!

Rebekah is a 17-year-old model who has amassed 181.4K followers on social media thanks to her successful modeling shoots, modest company, and amazing style.

By doing make-up and hair lessons and presenting her fantastic ensembles, Rebekah keeps her audience up to date on the current fashion and beauty trends.

Rebekah is the CEO of her own tiny clothing company, du.u.bu, where she shows off her unique fashion sense. The company has over 6000 Instagram followers and focuses on low-cost glam looks.

Morris, Lee

Lee Morris, an 18-year-old actor, creates absolutely hilarious content. Lee has 660,000 followers on Instagram, where he displays his diverse range of skills, including acting in films about school, friends, and family life.

Lee’s most popular TikTok videos include him acting out various school situations that many teens around the world can relate to. It’s safe to assume. “The summary has come to an end.”


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