How dangerous is a vitamin D deficiency? Alarming study results


If there is a severe vitamin D deficiency, this can have a dangerous effect on the body. Studies by different researchers have found this out. There are also links to coronavirus and Covid-19.

Does the risk of dying from vitamin D deficiency increase in Covid-19 patients? A study by Indonesian scientists suggests that it does. The researchers investigated the effect of vitamin D deficiency on the risk of death in patients who had Covid-19. A total of 780 people were included.

They were all treated in four hospitals because of their severe course of disease. “The aim was to determine mortality patterns and related factors,” explain the scientists. The focus was on vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor.

Coronavirus: lower vitamin D levels, higher risk of dying

The case study from Indonesia produced the following results:

-Round half of the cases, 49.7 percent, showed “normal” vitamin D levels. Only four percent of these patients died during the period under investigation.

-Slightly more than a quarter of the patients, 27 percent, had an “insufficient” level of vitamin D. Of these, 88 percent of the cases died – a very high figure.

-In contrast, 23 percent of the patients examined had a “medical vitamin D deficiency”: Almost all of them died, 99 percent.

-The researchers used 30 ng/ml (nanograms per millilitre) as the “normal” value for vitamin D levels.

“With increasing age, previous illnesses and male sex, the risk of death is strongly associated with a low vitamin D level,” the study authors said. However, further investigations are necessary in order to analyse the phenomenon in greater detail. Specifically, the question is whether vitamin D supplements can reduce the mortality risk of covid-19 patients.


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