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Although meiast people in Germany still depend on fitness tips for their homes during the corona crisis, in some federal states the first fitness studios have reopened after weeks of corona closure.

At present, in Germany, as in other countries, many measures to contain the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 are being eased again.

In some federal states, such as North Rhine-Westphalia, fitness studios are allowed to open again.

Sport is a good way to get rid of the corona pounds.

But you should also protect yourself against infection with the pathogen during training.

Because of the spread of the corona virus, fitness studios throughout Germany have been closed for weeks – in many places the compulsory break is now over.

The corona measures are being eased and the sports centres are allowed to open again.

Anyone who now goes back to training should definitely follow a few rules to protect themselves from infection with the virus.

Open gyms: How to avoid unnecessary corona risk

However, those who go to training should observe a few rules to protect themselves from the virus and not to overtax the body.

This is pointed out by the Barmer health insurance company in a recent announcement.

“For training in the gym, you should take several masks with you and change them as soon as they are wet.

Since you get bad air through the mask, you should slow down your training a little and slowly approach your limit,” explains Klaus Möhlendick, sports scientist at Barmer.

Protect from the virus and don’t overtax the body

For a healthy sportswoman or a healthy sportsman it is no problem if breathing through the protective mask is a little more strenuous.

According to the communication, this could even train and strengthen the respiratory muscles to a certain degree.

But people who already have respiratory or circulatory problems should reduce their training considerably and train better at home in order not to jeopardize their recovery.

“In addition, those exercising should adopt a uniform line of vision so that they do not breathe into each other’s faces,” the expert advises.

However, a breathing mask alone does not provide sufficient protection against the corona virus.

“Like everywhere else, a minimum distance of one and a half to two meters must be maintained urgently in the gym to avoid corona infection,” says Möhlendick.

This includes, among other things, disinfecting the handles of the equipment and other contact surfaces before and after each training session.

Under no circumstances should one touch one’s face during training, as the risk of corona virus transmission is particularly high.

According to Möhlendick, you should wash your hands thoroughly after training.


When training in the gym, you should now generally pay more attention to hygiene than before the corona pandemic.

This is so important because the mouthguard gets wet quickly and thus loses its protective function.

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