Your Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Patches and How to Pick the Best One


Your Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Patches and How to Pick the Best One

Many of us may now officially get ready for Halloween, since September 22 marked the first day of fall.

Now that pumpkins are in season, there’s no better time than now to go to a pumpkin patch and choose your own.

Whether you’re planning on cooking with pumpkins or carving a large jack-o’-lantern, you’ll be able to discover just what you’re searching for.

This is how to choose the best pumpkin for your needs.

Check It’s ripe enough to eat

Check the vines to see whether a pumpkin is ready to be harvested.

It’s time to clip the vines once they’ve dried up and turned the appropriate color – usually orange or white – all over.

If a pumpkin still has green patches when you pick it up, it hasn’t fully matured and won’t ripen or change color after cut from the vine.

Pumpkins with brown stains, on the other hand, are most likely overripe. Pumpkins that are both underripe and overripe will be more difficult to carve.

Pumpkins that are fully developed should be hard enough to store for a limited period of time. You can check this by pressing your fingernail on the skin.

It’s not ready to be harvested yet if the skin cracks.

The ideal pumpkin for carving should have a hard shell that can be cut with a knife but isn’t too tough.

Keep an eye out for disease symptoms.

Once a pumpkin begins to rot, it can quickly deteriorate, making it unsuitable for use as a lantern.

Examine the pumpkin for any bruises or soft patches, and inspect the bottom as well.

A little nick could be all it takes for sickness to enter.

Look for signs of frostbite if you reside somewhere with a colder environment.

Check the color of the pumpkin around the stem for frost damage. It could have frostbite if it’s duller than the rest of the pumpkin.

Keep an eye on the stem.

The health of a pumpkin can be determined by its stems.

Choose a pumpkin with a green stem that is about two inches wide. When utilized as a Halloween decoration, this is usually a sign that the pumpkin has been newly harvested and will survive longer on your porch.

Carry your pumpkin by the stem, as it can easily snap off, even if it appears to be solid.

It’s All About the Size

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